Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Jude’s death.
I have had so many cards, texts and flowers and I feel very supported. I need to be clear though, I don’t just miss Jude tomorrow, I feel his absence every single day and there are days when losing him seems to swallow me up. I’m not strong or brave or coping better than anyone else would and to imply that I am suggests I wasn’t as in love with my gorgeous wee boy than most parents are. I have had a few comments to that effect and a few “have a wonderful Christmas” cards but on the whole people around me seem to get it and I’m so thankful.

I couldn’t have made it through this year without my amazing friends and family, they are by far the best people in the world.

By judesmum

3 comments on “Anniversary

  1. Dear Fiona,

    I am thinking of you, Jude’s Papa and siblings. Praying for comfort. Hoping for peace. There is no reward for surviving a year, no magic, no instant relief from the excruciating pain. Just the knowledge that you are capable of infinitely more that you ever thought possible.

    May you find joy and comfort in the deep blue ocean of your wee boy’s eyes. He really was so very beautiful, so very special!

  2. Fiona, thinking of Jude today. Thinking how 1 (+day) year ago we were both with our boys. Cheers to making it through this year my friend! And cheers to making it through the next. Every minute of every day. Hugs!

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