Today I’m thankful for all those people who “get it”
I know that there are some bereaved parents who experience less than supportive comments and behaviour, I’m grateful that I have some great people in my life.

I am particularly thankful for the Christmas cards we have that have been addressed to us all or have mentioned Jude in some way. All we have left is his memory and its so important to us that he’s not forgotten

By judesmum

2 comments on “Cards

  1. Dear Jude’s Mum,

    Yesterday would have been my brother’s 50th birthday. He died when he was six. My dad has gone on to join him. I went into pediatric oncology nursing because of him. My family still, all these years later, celebrates his birthday. When we were little it was with a book or maybe dinner out. We laughed a lot last night. We always do.

    I do not know you. I don’t even remember how I find you. I shudder that you might think I am some weirdo who trolls grieving parents websites. I promise I am not. I believe a colleague of mine who works at Great Ormand Street Hospital shared your site with me so that I could pray. I do. All the time.

    All of that is irrelevant though to what I really want to say. I wanted to tell you that your children are beautiful. Your Jude is a breathtakingly beautiful little boy. Oh the joy in those eyes of his! Isla is gorgeous, as is Marley. I cannot imagine your pain, but I sure know Marley’s. I was Marley many years ago. I want you to know she will be okay. She can survive, even thrive despite this horrific loss. She has wonderful parents She knows what loss is and that will make her just a little more sensitive towards other children and the underdog. She will be okay. She will. I have a brother who, like Marley, was born after my brother died. He is okay too. No trauma or damage from being born after our brother died. No sense that he is a replacement. Just the knowledge that he is loved by his family for all that he is.

    Jude’s Mum, all these years later the presence of David’s absence is acutely felt. But as a family we survived. We know joy. We moved forward and took our David with us. My brother Greg who was born after his only brother died even named his first son David. We have a wonderful life and I have faith this will be your family’s truth as well.

    If I knew you personally I would send you a Christmas card. I would say how happy I am that Marley is here and how I pray she is salve to a tender wound. I would wish you all the wonder and joy that is the Christmas season, especially when seen through the eyes of children. I would tell you that I remember your lovely, wee blue eyed son Jude, that I love his name and that I hope you feel his presence with you more than his absence. I would tell you I pray for peace and wonder if you feel it. I would wish you hope and pray you find it.

    Merry Christmas Jude’s Mum. May your family know all these things this Christmas and always!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a beautiful reply.
      Your words give me lots of comfort and hope for the future.x

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