I wrote about the lack of professional support back in march. It really is pretty poor. If I had left the hospital as a single parent and my only child had just died would they insist I called someone? Would someone escort me home? I doubt it. I expect the are no protocols for our situation so once the medical intervention is over, it’s on your way with you.

But hey this is meant to be my positive Advent post so what I wanted to focus on was the support I sought out online. I have made some really important connections with other people who are in this position and like most things, it’s easier to know you’re not alone. Today I’m thankful for all those mums and dads who write about their experiences in grief. I’m thankful for muffins and coffee at Susan’s which is a safe haven for talking about our children. For all the people who leave a kind comment or email and help me to get through difficult days and I’m thankful for ubiquitous wireless connections so that I can bring my wee network with me wherever I go.

By judesmum

One comment on “Support

  1. (laughing) Popped into see what you’re going to be grateful for today, and so was tickled to find I actually get a mention! Was lovely to see you today – what a pity we can’t have a blogger’s meet – I’m guessing New York might be the most central location 🙂

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