Orion’s Belt

The week before Jude died we went out for a night time walk to deliver Christmas cards.
It was a cold, clear night and we spent a long time looking in the sky for our favourite constellation, Orion’s Belt.

Jude was grumpy and he wanted to get home so he just kept complaining that he couldn’t see it.  He even claimed that he didn’t know what it was.

The night we came home from the hospital without him, there they were, the only visible stars in the sky shining right over our house.

They stayed there for most of the winter and every night before bed Isla and I would look up to them and say goodnight to Jude.  You can’t see Orion’s Belt in the summer but now that the nights are darker again, it’s back.  If you look up and see it, please think about our sparkly little boy.

By judesmum

6 comments on “Orion’s Belt

  1. We think of Jude always and there will always be a big hole in our hearts for our boy but there is something very comforting about seeing the stars. It makes me smile to think of him. xxxx he still sparkles xxxx

  2. It makes me laugh thinking of a grumpy Jude pretending he didn’t know what it was! I will definitely always think of your sparkly little boy when I look at Orion’s belt. xxx

  3. Hello from Sarasota.
    The night of December 29, I went out into my backyard and the night sky was lit up with stars and so clear. I’ve never seen it look so beautiful, like glitter. The brightest aspect was Orion’s Belt, and when I went inside, I googled it out of curiosity, and found your site about Jude. I tried to leave a comment here to tell you that because of the series of events, I was thinking of you and Jude, but the comment wasn’t posted. The next day, while in the grocery store, I saw a child who looked so much like your Jude that I did a triple-take. It is my belief that when things like this happen, it is our beloveds sending us a message of love and support, that they are with us. I wanted to share that with you, even though I am a complete stranger. Love,

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