Isla and Jude

Isla had just turned two when Jude was born. She doesn’t have any memory of a time before her little brother. She loved being his sister and she talks about him every day. This morning she created a PowerPoint about Jude. It was all about his favourite food (pizza) and the things he liked to do. She knows things we don’t about her brother. She knows the secrets they shared when they stayed over at their granny’s house and slept in the same room, she knows what he called his favourite playmobil pirate and she remembers the names he gave his feet (I know it’s bizarre but they both named their own feet??)

They would play together for hours. Isla liked it when Jude was little and she could dress him up like a princess. He soon grew out of that but there were more than enough Harry Potter characters that he could be. He was also her wee knight in shining armour. Isla is such a scardey cat that she won’t get out of her bed in the morning until someone opens her blinds. Every morning she would call, “can someone come and get me?” to which we would hear the reply from Jude’s room, “I’m coming.” and he would trot through to her singing “good morning Isla.”

When we were sitting at the funeral Isla turned to me and asked if we could just take Jude’s body home to look after and maybe he would come back to it one day. I wish it worked like that.


By judesmum

4 comments on “Isla and Jude

  1. Thank you for sharing your stories! Beautifully written and lovingly told. X
    From one survivor to another with a hug
    Sarane x

  2. Sweet girl. I don’t blame her. For a long long time Lil wanted Hannah to come back and be with her. I think it was easier for Lily in some ways since she lost her big sister when she was so young, and yet so much harder. She doesn’t remember her, and yet, she *doesn’t remember her*. Does that make sense?

    May I just say I chuckled about the naming of the feet? 🙂

  3. My heart aches so, so much for your daughter. This kind of grief is so strong I cannot comprehend it, but my little brother and I seem to have a similar age difference as Isla and Jude do, and he is truly my very best friend. I am not a mother, so when I read blogs about loss, usually mothers losing children, I can’t really identify to it. But this, a sister’s love for her brother and how she knows things about him that you did not know, is something I know very well and it brings me to tears thinking about being in her shoes.

    Your children are beautiful and I wish I knew how to express how heartbroken I am for families that are going through what you are going through. My thoughts are with you and your family today, but especially for Isla.

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