Summer Holidays

When Jude was one a really dear (and sadly departed) friend from work advised me that, despite our concerns over spending too much money, holidays were important and the time we spent on holiday together as a family could never be replaced. I took her advice and we had our first family holiday away together. It was amazing and I thank her everyday that she encouraged us to make those precious memories because now I really know that you never get the time back.

Because we are both teachers the summer holidays have always been a time for excitement and fun in our house. We usually go away at the start of the holidays and we keep on extending our trip whilst we’re on the road. Last year we surprised the kids with a last minute trip to Legoland at the end of our holiday in Center Parcs. We had planned on waiting until this year to go but thank god we threw caution (and £500) to the wind and went last year!

It was such a good holiday and in traditional Jude style he kept telling us how much fun he was having and how much he loved Legoland. I was showered with cuddles and kisses and we ate ice cream until it came out of our ears.

This year we aren’t going away. We explained to Isla that we wouldn’t go away but that we could be tourists at home. Lovely weather for it too 😉 She has been amazing and she hasn’t complained about it once so we decided to brave a short trip to Alton Towers for her birthday. This serves the dual purpose of being away for her birthday instead of throwing a party and looking at the empty chair, and it gives her a wee holiday too. She is such a sweetheart and I know she misses her brother like mad but she’s coping so well and she could do with a treat.

The holidays have passed gently so far and days out with friends have helped keep us all going but I really miss my boy.

By judesmum

2 comments on “Summer Holidays

  1. I’ve always taken a “never leave to tomorrow what you could enjoy today” approach – and we did a lot too. People would say – but she’s too young to go to disneyland/camping/blah blah blah… I have to admit I have been nosing through your mobile uploads on facebook.. it feels a bit like what I was posting or what I should have been posting. We were all on the beach – us on the West Coat – you up in St Andrews that Easter weekend – but your family went on, and my daughter died. For Jude there is another year and 8 months – going to a Festival show I think that August (Catherine loved the festival), using fishing nets (we had bought one, but hadn’t really got a chance to use it, and Catherine was awfully keen to do so), the book festival (again we most certainly would have been there), that terrible snow in 2010 – if you look at my blog I was thinking how much Catherine would have loved to have played in it and gone sledging… Legoland – I had been saving the Tesco vouchers to go – and Centerparcs – I had a booking for that September… the new museum – I took Madeleine, but all I could think was I promised to bring Catherine back as soon as it opened… the festival again.. and then Jude started school – probably the same day Catherine should have….

    I don’t know what you take from it… I suppose that we are two middle class, educated women with young kids, living close to each other…. so I suppose it is obvious our lives look similar in mobile upload…. I have to admit it shook me – and when I saw Jude’s picture going to school, I did have a (rare) cry.

    I just wish it was different. I wish we knew each other because we got chatting in the sales tent at the Book Festival, and that our kids just hit it off.

    I really miss Catherine too.

    Keep going though – it gets easier to cope x

  2. I think that never leaving for tomorrow what you can do today will have to be my motto with my newest addition (when he arrives). I feel incredibly blessed that I actually did really live in each and every moment that I had with Max, however brief it was. And, can I say….I feel somehow jealous that I don’t live near the two of you. I like you both so much…without really knowing you at all. Every time I come to this blog, I am bowled over by the photo of sweet Jude. I want to jump in and grab his face and kiss him. Fiona – how hard it must be to feel that all of the time. He was simply precious. “Staycations” can be just as fun as vacations away. Happy Birthday to Isla and enjoy her these summer holidays.

    XOXO – Abby

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