This morning the lovely primary one teachers from Jude’s school are running the marathon to raise money for the Sick Kids Hospital, in memory of Jude.

They have raised over two thousand pounds and people from all over the world have donated.  Every time someone left a comment that mentioned Jude I felt as though people were thinking about him.  It’s amazing what a comfort that is.

Jude never really liked school.  I mean he enjoyed it once he was there and he had lots of little friends, in the way boys do, but he cried in the line every morning.  This was all due to  the fact that he was leaving me.  When he was given a nursery place 5 days a week I kept him off on a Friday because that was always “our day.”  I’m so glad that I did that and I now have all these fantastic Friday morning memories but I can’t help thinking that I made him into a wee sap.

Another  primary one parent came over to talk to me in the weeks after Jude died and she told me that her daughter was “sensitive” to all sorts of things and she had “seen” Jude in the school playground that week.  I smiled and told her that was nice and as I  don’t have any strong feelings about life after death either way  I wasn’t offended.   I did laugh about it later on though when David remarked that if Jude could come back to visit he wouldn’t go and hang around in the playground but he’d spend his time following me around metaphorically clinging onto my leg.  I like that idea. 😉

By judesmum

One comment on “marathon

  1. You know, I had a parent tell me at a conference that Hannah had “visited” her daughter. Um, really? Why would Han do that when she had no idea WHO the child was?? And, what in the world was the mom doing tell me that during a conference of all things??? Sheesh. I wasn’t upset by it so much as thrown off. Weird.

    One of my biggest fears when we first lost Han was that she would be forgotten. No mom wants that. I’m so glad those lovely folks ran that marathon. Had I but known, I would have donated (can they convert US$ to pounds?) or tried to at any rate. As long as I’m around, your darling wee lad won’t be forgotten. (And, I’m sure he wasn’t a sap, just a boy who loved his mama. Nothing at all wrong with that.)

    Hugs to you,

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