Keeping memories

Isla is seven. I know that I have memories of some things from when I was little but I don’t have total recall of everything that ever happened, every funny thing that someone said or did. It is my greatest fear that we will forget Jude. Not forget him in essence but forget the funny things he said or did. He was such a smart boy, he could read and write before he started school, he could tell the time when he was four and his grammar was impeccable. One day, walking hand in hand up the high street we had a conversation about auxiliary verbs. He wasn’t a precocious child but he loved learning and he had such an appetite for new facts and skills. More than that he was an exceptionally loving boy who never held back with cuddles and kisses. Of course he was a real boy and not a caricature, so he also had amazing teary tantrums and he was a complete monkey to his sister. He particularly enjoyed taking the heads off her playmobil characters and swapping them around just to wind her up. It has become incredibly important to me to document every memory I can and keep them together in this little book so that we can all stay close to our boy.

By judesmum

2 comments on “Keeping memories

  1. What a lovely idea. I’m sure Isla will enjoy filling the book up with lots of happy memories of Jude. Like the time he got praise for finishing off his burger, only to find he’d hidden it under the table. He was adorably cheeky. 🙂 xx

  2. Great idea – I am always talking about Catherine – but I do think your memory dulls. Her best friend came the other day and was talking about her – things that I had forgotten I knew. It brought me up short!

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