Easter Holidays

So I was really worried about the holidays and the lack of routine.
Turns out I have been feeling fine for the most part.  I had a really bad day at the start but got over it and the rest of the days have passed without too much pain.  We have been out with friends and on day trips.  We won’t go to the usual places but we’re still able to take Isla out and have fun.
This time last year we were on our way to East Links Farm but I can’t see that being on the agenda for quite some time to come.
Jude loved being with us and spending days together.  He was a real home buddy and he loved playing away with his cars or his lego with us nearby.
I miss my beautiful boy but I feel that I’m moving away from the hospital bedside and getting a clearer image of him when he was alive and well, being his happy and cheerful wee self.  That is all I can hope for at the moment.
Neither of us can be defined by his death, only his fantastic and happy life.
By judesmum

One comment on “Easter Holidays

  1. We took Catherine to East Links as a treat for her second birthday. Very over-priced anyway! I think I worked out the other day that it was more expensive than Drayton Manor, as they never seem to do offers on tickets. Oh well – not the point, I know!!

    You’re doing so well to get out and about anywhere with Isla. Not everyone can hold it together so well for their other children – you should feel really proud.

    Over time it has got easier to go back to places I associate most strongly with Catherine

    What a lovely picture of Jude – Catherine was always on the go too. It seems their lives were so good – just too bloody short. X x

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