Jude’s Bench

After Jude died we thought about a fitting memorial to him.  He wasn’t buried so there would be no grave.  We thought about planting a tree but it appears they can only be planted in memorial gardens near cemeteries.  Our boy had never been to a cemetery, we couldn’t go there to remember him.

We decided to have a bench commissioned  in his memory and have it placed in his favourite park.  The park he played in almost every day of his short life, where he went after nursery then school with his friends and played “Pirates and Mermaids”

Here it now is and we pass it 4 times a day on the way to drop Isla at school and collect her at the end of the day.  Last Sunday I took her to the park and there was a little row of daises on the top of it.  People loved Jude and they will always remember him.


By judesmum

One comment on “Jude’s Bench

  1. Just started reading your story and am so touched by your words and impacted by your writing. I love the idea of dedicating a bench for your son; certainly countless others will appreciate it and love having it there as part of the park. Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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